Thursday, July 4, 2013

Life in Pictures :: Early July pt 1

Happy 4th, y'all!!

So far, in July, I...

-had an eno party with some super fun friends!

-may or may not have bribed three cool kids with Sweet Ceces to go with me to RUF :) They were total champs. L and A quickly learned that I umm repeat myself a lot... They started counting how many times I said "I am so glad you guys came with me!!" {17 in case you were wondering. I like to express my gratitude, team!!)

-went to my first summer RUF!

-went to my first Belmont RUF party! I am very excited about getting involved!

-played Capture the Flag. First time I was on the winning team, second time on the losing. Soo much fun! This is what being a kid during the summer is about :)


Take 2?
Three stacked - what up
11&up sweeties

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  1. lovely pictures. it looks like you've been having an awesome summer so far. keep up the good work!