Thursday, November 28, 2013

Life in Pictures

Such a treat to see some of my favorite people!! I love y'all!!
She's so cute!! #bustfam #buscfam
Love her! Selfie to the fam
I love her! Belmont MBB game! 
Some of my favorite people - Belmont Swim Club Monday morning practice! Who knew everyone looked so cute at 6:30 :)

First on the Floor!

Love them!
Too cool to actually drive through
My love
Post Belmont game, Sanctuary, and Warriors practice lovin at Jeni's!
Ahh I love her!! So glad to call you sister and friend!!
<3 td="">
Best intern ever. Thanks for being so wonderful!
Big sister I've never had!

RUF gets crafty 

Dear ones!
She's so cute. 

Sadly real life.
Happy birthday, Nana!!

So proud of my dear students!!
Seminar fam!!
#awkselfie. That moment when you have dinner with non-swim friends after practice. Friends: "Lily, where did your food go?!" ummm
First WaHo experience!!
Bucket list: go to Waffle House CHECK
Sitting in my child snatching bag. It's the bomb and so wonderful. 
Some of my faves!! Belmont Swim Club's first volunteer experience!! 
Love them! First Year Writing fam!
My favorite guy!!
First swimmers to rep Belmont!!

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