Thursday, July 25, 2013

Life in Pictures:: Mid July

This is going to be a long one... Just sayin :)

In mid July, I...

-had a super fun hammock camping out party
-had my last swim meet ever :'(
-coached the last practice of summer 2013
-went to Sky High
-went to see our boy Graham at LU
-went dumpster diving for DQ slips... as the trash guy pulled in the parking lot
-went on a picnic to Vandy with Dad and the girlies
-played more Capture the Flag!!
-went to Moes after several meets
-went on a late night Chickfila ice cream run with some of my people
-got surprised by Joelle at the pool!!
-tried to not think about summer ending
-thought about packing
-procrastinated packing
-enjoyed every second with my people
-loved on my people
-got checked on by fellow restaurant attendees today... because I was laughing and it sounded like someone was screaming...
-started adding "awko taco ____" to whatever day it is
-practically moved into Wildwood :)
-bought myself an eno after our hammock party
-had some good times at SES seeing my people swim

I had to...
Lily, Brenda, and Zach take the cheerins to Sky High!
Pillow in the tree for our hammock party!
Nursery cuties 
Interesting LU complaint
Last swim meet together :(
My girl Lu 
Awk sister pic?
Playing with fire? 
Sky High!
Umm how cute is this baby.
Julia's instagram collage of our hammock party
Result of my dumpster diving. Can you say #proud. My whole upper body was in that nasty dumpster to retrieve this at the back. #thingsyoudidntthinkyouwoulddoatwork 
Hahahahaha Dad #church
Love this! (and anytime you would like to hear a cheer or do a dance, I would be happy to oblige. Really.) 
Going to see our boy Graham!! #9peopleisntoverhwhelmingright
Jenny and I with our girl Maggie!! 
Yes, I had to sign this waiver....
It got a little cray at Cinco... Notice how Zach is gone... #hehatesawkwardsituations #hewaswaitingoutside
My girl Joelle came to surprise me!! I love you!! #crazyhairdontcare
Zach's face... and the wrong banner... 
Gators invade Moe's #welcometomoes
Hammock lovin!  
So much love!!! 
Stole this from Ms. Gigi... :) 
My boy Andrew!! He is always cheerful :)
Ice cream run to Chickfila. I think yes
Earlier today at our second home... :) #lookingood #pictureofapicture
Instagram capture  
My girl Annie!! 
Cinco de Mayo fiesta! 
CtF take 2 
Stole this from FB... Can we talk about how amazing Kate looks?! 
Zachy and Jen!!
Last time :'( 
Adorable baby lovin! 
PC to Ms. Gigi!
One of our sweet mamas brings us Sonic every week! 
The flag 
Photo bombing for the win
Camp fire 
Our personal musician 
Good morning

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Life in Pictures:: Early July pt 2

So far in early July pt 2, I...

-turned a year older! :)
-celebrated with my people and Gators
-dressed up like a cow for free Chickfila
-remade birthday pics
-spent the night at Opryland with Julia and Cara
-played a third game of Capture the Flag... definitely one of my summer highlights!
-was so excited for my Gators to win a meet!
-and more!

On my birthday, I started out by taking Mom to the airport at 5 am. She is visiting friends in Texas! After the Y (starting out 19 right!), I had breakfast with Dad at Cracker Barrel! At the pool, Brenda had told the kids to bring me cards and my favorite treats! I got candy, cherry coke zero, a Sonic drink, super cute cards, and lots of love! Zach and Brenda threw me in... :) We did all of our flash mob dances (I totally should do them for you sometime!!) and lots of fun cheers! Then, we dressed up like cows to go get free food! That's what I call good friends :) I finished off the day by spending the night at Opryland Hotel with Julia and Cara! So much fun!

2011, 2012, and 2013 #bffsfolyfe
I love this girl!
5 am selfie with Mom on my birthday before I took her to the airport!
So thankful to call these people my coworkers and three of my best friends! 
Keepin it awko taco since 2012
Yes, we even have a kid in the background of each :) I love her!
Birthday celebratin coworkers!
Love :) They make me happy!
PC to Anna! 
Love her!

Opryland adventurin' 
Makes me laugh every.time. I would be happy to tell the golden story behind this picture :)
Beautiful lilies from Dad! 
Wildwood thuggin 
#ootd on the 4th - reppin Merica 
Cara posin on our Vandy picnic outing today 
Balcony at Opryland 

Playing the bagpipes on her itouch... #casual 

Take 1 - Wildwood cows and the Chickfila cow! #friendsthatdressuplikecowstogetherstaytogether

Cuz nothing says MERICA like 5 Guys on the 4th! #niceonecara
Picture of a selfie 
Take 2
Panorama shot
Love the tot! 
6&under cookie decorating party take 1
Stressful movie theater experience - "we have to get you to your happy place!"
Could not believe this! One of my precious church friends made me this gorgeous cake, and the beautiful bag below! The lily is edible - she made it! She is amazing! It made me want to cry! Thank you so much, dear friend!!
I love this!!

6&under cookie decorating party part 2