Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's almost break!

RUF Christmas party pano!!
Celebrating Madison's birthday! {I look like a creep... but I love them}
FYS fam!!
So glad I got to see this lovely lady!!
Love this girl! So thankful we are friends!
Christmas tree shoppin with the fam!
Last practice of the semester! Blurry but happy! 
Love them!
Gettin crazy :) Game day!!
Grow a tree!! So magical!! 
WAHH I miss them already!
I love these people!! Belmont Swim Club Leadership aka BUSTFAM. They make me happy. Our group message is absolutely ridiculous and wonderful. They rock. I have had so much more peace about going to Spain knowing that the swim club is in their capable hands :) xxoo
Goodness I love her! So thankful to call you friend! You are wonderful!

Travel Blog!

Hi friends!

I will still be updating this blog some while I am in Spain, but my new travel blog will have more detailed updates :) I've already posted some on it so check it out!

Lily Goes to Spain