Wednesday, September 25, 2013

College. {Part Five}

Sometimes the Lipscomb Starbucks guy knows who you are... but you don't go to Lipscomb. Awk. Also, here is his creative way of fixing my name to the correct spelling... 
Sometimes you go to Moe's then remember it is free queso day!
I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! Made me so incredibly happy to get a surprise phone call that she had come home!! 
Color Me Rad with fun new Belmont friends!
Orange station... before I got nailed...
Cute gals!! I was dumping orange out of my ear for a long time...

Creds to JS :)
I LOVE THEM! My seminar people! 
So glad she came homeee!! 
Happy happy happy!! Now introducing... the Belmont Swim Club!!
Hot chocolate at Frothy with the fab Linnea!!
Gorgeous morning at NSCC

Saturday, September 14, 2013

College. {Part Four}

College days take four :)

-CTF. Sooo much fun. Love those people! Some of the coolest kids I know. But really.
-Lots of PSL. 
-Dear friends.
-Lots of RUF love. Special EMERGE event with Scotty Smith, bible study, bible study party at the new Jeni's, and a dessert/game night!
-Brentwood football game. Yes, I do believe I have been to more high school football games in my first month at college than in all of my middle and high school years... Go Bruins! :)
-The most glorious day of weather we've had in who knows how long. I spent the morning with a lovely friend, then studying in my eno.

This picture makes me laugh.

I sure do love this girl! So thankful the Lord crossed our paths!
Cool kids. #ctf4lyfe
You know, footprints on the wall by the elevator... #belmontprobs 
PSL on a rainy, long, but good, day.
Getting to meet the man who officiated my parents' wedding!!
I love them!! RUF freshmen girls' bible study!
Jeni's 12South - opening night with free ice cream!!
If you don't have this picture with your significant other, you're doing it wrong. #spanishclass 
Date with this gorg and crazy gal!
Friday night lights y'all
Little brother!
lookin good 

I love her!! Frothy breakfast with this lovely lady. You are a gem and I'm so glad we are friends!!
What happens when Julia takes our selfie...... #thanks #not
Happy girl in my eno with my vera tumbler! #photoboothnoshame

Saturday, September 7, 2013

College. {Part Three}

Hi friends!!

{Continued from part 2}

Fun news... Yesterday I applied to start a Belmont Club Swim Team... and today I applied to go to Spain in spring 2014!!

Happy girl - Belmont sells Chickfila sandwiches :)
I got to hang out with my dearest Joelle before she headed off to USD! I love you!! 
Dear friends at RUF!!
Sonic with Justine! Love her!
What do Belmont girls do on a Saturday night?! Go see the One Direction movie and eat Sweet Ceces of course! 
Sunday dinner at the Sanders!
Love these people!! Missing Jenny!! 
Labor Day at Wildwood! 
Water balloon toss prep!
Shaving cream fight! A firetruck came to hose everyone down :)

Post firetruck :)
Pre firetruck :) I clearly had not planned on joining the fight... but was it awesome?! Yes!

Looks like I would need to change before the RUF Labor Day party :) 
My favorite Brenda!!

Chill with Dad!
There is a Belmont Cat Page. It is pretty much the best. 

Two bucks in our yard! 
Throwback Prom pics! 

Panera lunch :)
Ummm is Dad not the cutest?! His work had a fundraiser for the ALS Foundation. Employees could pay to "go hunting" - throw water balloons at bosses in costumes :) 
Throwback to Paris!

Satco lunch with my girls!!
Our baby is 1!!
We love this little boy!!