Saturday, September 14, 2013

College. {Part Four}

College days take four :)

-CTF. Sooo much fun. Love those people! Some of the coolest kids I know. But really.
-Lots of PSL. 
-Dear friends.
-Lots of RUF love. Special EMERGE event with Scotty Smith, bible study, bible study party at the new Jeni's, and a dessert/game night!
-Brentwood football game. Yes, I do believe I have been to more high school football games in my first month at college than in all of my middle and high school years... Go Bruins! :)
-The most glorious day of weather we've had in who knows how long. I spent the morning with a lovely friend, then studying in my eno.

This picture makes me laugh.

I sure do love this girl! So thankful the Lord crossed our paths!
Cool kids. #ctf4lyfe
You know, footprints on the wall by the elevator... #belmontprobs 
PSL on a rainy, long, but good, day.
Getting to meet the man who officiated my parents' wedding!!
I love them!! RUF freshmen girls' bible study!
Jeni's 12South - opening night with free ice cream!!
If you don't have this picture with your significant other, you're doing it wrong. #spanishclass 
Date with this gorg and crazy gal!
Friday night lights y'all
Little brother!
lookin good 

I love her!! Frothy breakfast with this lovely lady. You are a gem and I'm so glad we are friends!!
What happens when Julia takes our selfie...... #thanks #not
Happy girl in my eno with my vera tumbler! #photoboothnoshame

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