Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rainy day thoughts

Hey friends!

I have not been blogging much... whoops...

We are SO enjoying having Hannah live with us! She is so fun!

Hannah and Blackberry
Hannah and Lily :o)

Yesterday was our last day of Mako practice. :o( I love our team and am really going to miss those people! they are awesome! The annual pictures: (sadly they are kinda dark- I sent em to Dad though to see if he could make them lighter :o)

We played in the creek over at Riverpark in Brentwood:

We ate popsicles, rice krispies, and brownies:

I am really going to miss these people! :o(

Yesterday we had our second TRT coordinator's meeting! It's all comin' together! I am still getting my 50 publicity team members...

This week and next week are my finals... This week (May 6th) I have my lit and math finals. Then the next week I have biology and spanish finals. So I am mostly going to be studying the next couple of weeks.

School gets out on May 13th!!!!! Words cannot describe my joy! :D I am really going to miss all of my school friends but am sooooo ready for SUMMER!!!

What are my plans this summer? Well, I am going to be swimming on the Wildwood Gators. Every day. And working on the conference and calling lots of churches. :o) And August 1st- 13th I am going to work kitchen staff at Greystone's August session with Julia. First year people clean the dishes from 700 people. woot! haha good times. Then we are going to come home that Friday and the conference is on August 14th. I can already see my summer is going to fly by...

Well, it is raining... a lot...


Lily :o)

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