Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kodak Moment:: Day Five

Day 05 - A picture of an old memory. (or, in my case, a lot of memories :)

Last day of swim practice when I was in (7th? 8th?) grade

Dear friends :D
I had the best hair for NSCA Productions! Pictured above as Stephanie, below as a Who

I decided to copy this panda picture for a biology project :)

I love this! We were at Cori's house and ordered pizza. We assumed someone's grandpa would deliver it so we decided to dress up. Of course it was a guy a few years older than us... haha :)

Whitver folks at the MTHEA Teen Banquet last year

As Mrs. Potts for a NSCA Talent Show!

American Girl Fashion Show many years ago! (I was a hostess!)

Above: Lily and Elijah, Julia and Matthew
Below: Lily and Haven, Julia and Megan
(now we will have to do a Lily and Polly Jane, Julia and Mason picture! :)

Hope you enjoyed these!

Lily :o)


  1. Love those last two pics!

    And: I haven't seen you in forever! Maybe Sunday?!?!

  2. that one of us at the talent show! SO CUTE! those were the days when my mother curled my hair! memories!!!