Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kodak Moment:: Day Four

Day 04 - A picture of your night.

Last night I was at my second home, the pool, teaching swim lessons! :) I was so, so thankful- yesterday's lessons were the best all month! I felt very encouraged! My cute private lesson student brought me a paper heart she made :)

I had a student who was scared of the deep end and started crying whenever we would go over there. When we started February lessons, I decided we were going to conquer that fear! The first 15 mins of every lesson have been spent in the deep end, and the second 15 mins in the shallow end. I was so happy yesterday when that little gal swam ALL BY HERSELF in the deep end, was jumping in by herself, and very excited about the deep end! "I love the five feet!" she exclaimed. "When you jump in you don't hit the bottom like in the three feet!" Mmm life is good! I have another little girl who swam all by herself in the deep end too! In my first class I have three girls and one boy.

In my second group lesson, I have four little boys. And since they are little boys they like playing :) Yesterday we started out the lesson with our rules- no hitting, no unkind words, if you hit someone with your kickboard I will take it away :), and when I am working with another student the other three have to stay above water (a safety thing). I was so pleased when all of them stayed above water when I asked and they were all obedient! As a reward we got to play a game at the end! It made me happy that they were obeying and listening and I told them that. :) My munchkins are CUTENESS!

I LOVE teaching swim lessons! It is wonderful! I love it when the kids are excited and learning new things. I had kind of a crazy day yesterday and swim lessons made my day better! It brings me joy! :)

Lily :o)

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  1. LILY!!! you are too much!! haha! I wish i could just come meet all your munchkins! they are so funny! They remind me of us a little chillins! swimming at wildwood. well more in the creek but sometimes we actuallly swam in the pool!