Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quick Update: City Meet!

Today was the first day of two days of city meet! All of the teams in the Nashville Swim League (21 teams) compete! Today was the 10&unders. I was at the pool from 6:20 am-6:10 pm. I am exhausted but could not be prouder of my kids!! They were FABULOUS!! We had awesome swims and everyone did great and had fun! It was super hot :p but thankfully the water was freezing- which is perfect for the swimmers!

One quick thing I will share tonight and then will post more later!

We have a pair of twins- brother and sister- who are great swimmers but have gotten DQ'ed for little things in the past meets. Today they were doing great and before their IM's (since it's all four strokes it's very easy to get DQ'ed) I sat down with each of them and we went over the IM. What's the order? How many hands do you touch with on each? Which can you do flutter kicking on? Which ones can you not do flutter kicking? Ok, you dive in- then what? I was SO thrilled when both of them swam WONDERFULLY and did not get DQ'ed!!!! :D a huge deal!! Not only that, they both won their heats!!! I was SO thrilled! They did exactly what we had talked about!! Whoo hoo!! Our day was filled with fabulous things just like that!!

Today was wonderful. I am so incredibly proud of all of my precious munchkins!!!

More coming soon- hopefully tomorrow!!


A very exhausted but super proud coach

Friday, July 22, 2011

One Thousand Gifts:: Take Twenty Two


586. a fabulous summer thus far
587. games with my munchkins
588. hugs
589. 10 DQ slips as opposed to 50
590. 6&unders swimming whole laps

591. Quin agreeing to swim when I offered to get in with him at the meet
592. days that make my heart smile.
593. that God is sovereign and in control of everything

594. dinner with the super fun people I work with
595. great dives and big smiles
596. tshirts that say "WILD," "COACH '11" and signatures of precious children
597. poster party
598. laughing as the guys paint their nails in prep for city meet

599. Panera runs with the lovely Anna Rose
600. fun times at Chile Burrito, Five Guys, and Sweet Ceces
601. 88.7 WAY FM while I'm driving
602. movie discussion
603. Zach's prep talk for the 7&8s- what not to do while on the block getting ready for your race :)

604. prep for VSBS
605. time with dear dear friends
606. Silly Goose and Jeni's Ice Cream with some of my favorites
607. photo shoots
608. shopping with Mom

609. Hannah's graduation ceremony
610. dinner with my favorite guy
611. finishing my application for dual enrollment at Lipscomb
612. hanging out with the fabulous Mara!
613. Ore-Ida french fries and root beer

614. hanging out with friends at Lipscomb
615. going to the Annie Moses Band Camp's performances (so excited about tonight)
616. a wonderful birthday
617. Facebook birthday wishes (FB birthdays are the best :)
618. present and card from Jenny

619. a cap and candy from my adopted little brother :)
620. card and Chickfila gift card from the cool people I work with
621. 10&unders singing happy birthday at the meet
622. hugs on my birthday
623. Julia taking pictures to capture memories

624. dinner with my family and Jenny at the Cheesecake Factory!
625. movies with Mom, Julia, and Cara
626. lunch/outing with my favorite guy
627. Starbucks with my big sisters!
628. cold showers on super hot days
629. a huge and greater appreciation for A/C

630. ‎"I have called you by name; you are mine" Isaiah 43:1b



Monday, July 11, 2011

One Thousand Gifts:: Take Twenty One


530. my amazing job
531. my sweet munchkins
532. 6&unders who stay on their backs for a whole lap of backstroke
533. milestone moment when a kid can swim a whole lap without stopping
534. pleased and proud munchkin smiles
535. Fun Friday/Game Day

536. air conditioning, especially on hot days
537. cool water to get in
538. ice cream
539. water saving me from getting dehydrated
540. working with Caitlin, Anna Rose, and Zach every day
541. lots of laughter

542. laser tag
543. fundraisers for new blocks and boards
545. mall with the wonderful and fabulous Jenny
546. nice long chats
547. matching rings from Charming Charlie's

548. hanging out with Maddie, Julia, Cara, Matthew, and Graham at the pool and having so much fun
549. kinda getting the whole laser tag thing
550. refreshing and very fun time spent with Maddie
551. Sweet Ceces after laser tag
552. fellowship

553. two dear friends coming home from China
554. not getting lost at the airport
555. the GPS, my hero
556. laughing with AnnWinston and Jenny during practice "DON'T FORGET TO BREATHE!"
557. Graham yelling, "I GOT FAMILY!" as I "arrested" him in a game during swim practice

558. dressing up as cows with the fam for Cow Appreciation Day
559. running into a bunch of people dressed as said cow
560. Chickfila
561. Anna Rose, "Wave to the good people of Wildwood!" and Zach demonstrating waving for five minutes
562. seventeen years of life tomorrow

563. the AMAZING people in my life
564. that God has saved me, a sinner
565. reminders of God's love for me
566. daily mercy, grace, and forgiveness

567. early birthday posts on FB
568. cute nails (yes, such a girl thing :)
569. ready, set, go! with the 6&unders
570. splash contests with all age groups
571. jumping off the boards with some of my kids

572. movie marathons with my sisters
573. delicious homemade fraps made by Cara
574. being able to drive
575. visiting friends at Lipscomb
576. Skype

577. that Nana was able to come to church on Sunday!! Praise the Lord for His goodness and healing!
578. good books
579. more A/C
580. having fun friends over for dinner
581. playing in the worship band at church with Mr. Steve, Kirk, Michael, and Aaron every week

582. remembering to blog every now and then... ;)
583. swimmers saying "Coach Lily!" :)
584. many, many more wonderful times

585. Verse of the week from Keith Beauchemin:
Dear Brethren,
Hebrews 10:23
"Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful."
Have you confessed hope in Jesus Christ for your salvation, for eternal life, for your resurrection, for help in times of trouble? Then you must hold on to your confession. Though you may feel pressure from the world, though your trials may be wearing you down, do not let go. Tighten your grip.
God gives us a strong encouragement for holding on and not giving up. For God who has promised is faithful. God delivers on all His promises. He has not failed yet, and He will faithfully fulfill all His promises to you. He has promised you eternal life; remember, He is faithful. He has promised you grace for your trials; remember, He is faithful. He has promised you a resurrected body with no sickness or pain; remember, He is faithful.
It is a lot easier to hold on to your faith when you remember that the God who promised is faithful. When you hold on to the God who has promised, remember that He who has promised is holding on to you, and nobody or nothing can pluck you out of His hand.
Blessings to you!



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Falls Mill Take Three

Very patriotic for the 4th!

Pail of water
Dad sent it down and somehow it miraculously filled up with water. I think someone was standing down there with a hose... ;)

And we found another waterfall!

Macro lens- one of my faves. Love these shots!

There were three beetles in this one... :p

The wall of a cabin

And another, umm, nice shot... Yay for Goldfish! :)


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Falls Mill- Take Two

So pretty!
Some fun pictures of the trees- love that wide angle lens!

Beautiful waterfall

Dad decided to go down to get some better shots. I surveyed the area you would have to climb through and decided against it.
And he made it!
An action shot
After Dad came back up, he showed me some very impressive and amazing shots. Me: "Umm yeah I am getting some great shots too!" Like this....

Uhh artistic foot shot?
Self portrait
No mas agua= Lily esta triste and tiene sed. (brownie points if you can translate that without Google Translate folks)
Waterbottle shot!
Then I tried to do the artsy and cool thing my friend Maddie taught me...

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Falls Mill- Take One

July 4th Dad and I went on a little photography road trip!

Beautiful waterfall!
In the country store

Umm best sign ever?!

More coming soon!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Lily and Anna
Scott girls and Anna
Hannah's going to college :(

Love you girls!!!
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