Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Whoa - I just realized I have a little over a month left of my Lipscomb classes! My finals are done after April 27th - craziness! May 9th is our last day of Whitver classes, then I graduate May 25th! Cannot believe we are this close to the finish line!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life in Pictures

Hey friends!

I have not been doing a whole lot of blogging lately... because I have been working on a website for our summer swim and tennis club! I am very pleased with how it has turned out :) Check it out here! Wildwood is also now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

We are on spring break! I have been working on a paper, the website, and various other homework, but am so enjoying having time off :)

Lunch with my dear dear friends!
Getty concert!!
Lunch with my favorite guy at SATCO! 
Birthday celebrating! 
From a fun friend :) made me laugh :)
Riley and I decided that whenever both of us got an A on a microbiology test we'd celebrate with Sweet Cece's!! Yay!!

Getty concert
I may or may not have gone to 3 places at 10 pm to look for cherry coke zero. It might be a problem... #CVSismynewbff
Rend Collective
Kristyn Getty is the cutest!
Micro studying

Post-show lobby concert! 
This is presh.
Super cute mom!! 

Birthday lovin! 
We loved the Gettys!!

Shalimar with dear dad!
Spring break lovin! Oz the Great and Powerful, successful dress shopping, and Starbucks!
ESL ceremony! 

So proud of my students! 
Made me so happy to FaceTime my girlies as they (literally) walked on the plane!! #comehomesoon
We love Jeni's!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Outtakes... :)

The crazy side of Makos :)

Random arm photobomb?

This is so great :)
Not ready...
Def not ready...
Hey there
Remember my note to self?
Fish face? 
Not ready... 

Makos 2013

Enjoy these pictures from state and our team picture day :) I miss these people already! Can't believe Makos is over :( Cannot imagine the past six years of my life without my Makos! Proud to call these guys my teammates! So thankful for our fabulous coaches!

I love you people!

Makos 2012-2013
I love her! Thankful to call her my coach and friend!
My favorite coaches!!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the state in the 200 IM
"Ta Mako"
I love these girls!!
A Relay reppin on the podium!
Lunch in between prelims and finals at regionals!

Oh I love this girl! So glad we are friends :)
Cutest mascot and cheerleader ever! How gorgeous is this baby?!
This accurately captures the crazy town at regionals :)
My gals Hannah and Christina!
Warming up at the Excel Invite
Two of my three favorite coworkers :) They are awesome!

Sweet sisters! 
Girlies and Coach Dawn! 
Hailey, Hayden, Jenny, and Lily! Love these gals!
2012-2013 Makos Seniors! (minus Mary-Rachel :(
Men's Team! (note to self: don't tell a group a guys to put their shoulders back... This picture was before that though :)
Women's Team! 
2013 State Team!
Gals with Julia!
I love these girls!
My favorite sisters!!
Sweet friend!! The gal who dragged me into swimming 6 years ago ;)
My sweet and beautiful mama!