Saturday, March 9, 2013

Makos 2013

Enjoy these pictures from state and our team picture day :) I miss these people already! Can't believe Makos is over :( Cannot imagine the past six years of my life without my Makos! Proud to call these guys my teammates! So thankful for our fabulous coaches!

I love you people!

Makos 2012-2013
I love her! Thankful to call her my coach and friend!
My favorite coaches!!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the state in the 200 IM
"Ta Mako"
I love these girls!!
A Relay reppin on the podium!
Lunch in between prelims and finals at regionals!

Oh I love this girl! So glad we are friends :)
Cutest mascot and cheerleader ever! How gorgeous is this baby?!
This accurately captures the crazy town at regionals :)
My gals Hannah and Christina!
Warming up at the Excel Invite
Two of my three favorite coworkers :) They are awesome!

Sweet sisters! 
Girlies and Coach Dawn! 
Hailey, Hayden, Jenny, and Lily! Love these gals!
2012-2013 Makos Seniors! (minus Mary-Rachel :(
Men's Team! (note to self: don't tell a group a guys to put their shoulders back... This picture was before that though :)
Women's Team! 
2013 State Team!
Gals with Julia!
I love these girls!
My favorite sisters!!
Sweet friend!! The gal who dragged me into swimming 6 years ago ;)
My sweet and beautiful mama!

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