Monday, May 3, 2010


Well, these past few days have left Nashville reeling in the wake of horrible storms and floods. Many, many people are without electricity. Many more people's homes have been flooded. Opryland's Delta, Cascades, and Gardens area are completely under water. The Schermerhorn is under 8-10 feet of water and still rising. It will be closed for at least a month. See the Tennessean article here. Our own dear Wildwood has been hit very hard as well. On Saturday they had their cleanup day at the club to get ready for open house (which was supposed to be on May 17 or 19). The pool and tennis courts and just been resurfaced. Now, the courts have been demolished and everything was underwater. The club director was rescued by boat. Two houses in Wildwood caught on fire, one burning down. Many other houses have several feet of standing water. Many families have lost everything. Twelve people have died in Tennessee, six of them in our own Nashville.

Our friends Ms. Shulamith, Emily, and Cali came to stay with us on Saturday night since the creek beside their house was getting really high. Thankfully, they just went today and none of their stuff was flooded! And they are right by a creek!

We were very thankful- we did not have any flooding. Yesterday we had 10%-50% power for about 5 hours, totally lost it for about 2-3 hours, and then got it back.

It is so hard to comprehend all of this. Just on Friday everything was sunny and happy go lucky. The next day, thousands of homes were flooded and destroyed. It is very hard for me to picture a house being underwater.

One thing that has truly comforted us in all of this is this: God is in control. He is sovereign. These horrible storms did not slip under His radar. He has a plan. Why? we might ask. Maybe many will come to Christ through all of this. God is in control and "the wind and the waves obey Him."

Please pray with us for Nashville. So many families have lost so much.

Hannah and I have been sick. Yuck. We just have bad colds though...

Here are some pics of what was going on around us. The first is what it looks like today- very sunny and bright. We were worried that our wall was going to fall down since water was gushing out of it. It is still standing though! Thank You Jesus for keeping us safe!


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. Praying for you guys in Nashville & other flood zones!

  2. Lily I love your Blog. You are such a treasure. Thank you for sharing your joy with us.