Monday, May 31, 2010


We have been having lots of fun with Aunt Susan, Sophia, and Hannah! They are delightful!!

We have been doing several projects as of late!

Several years back I got a wax sealing kit at the Hermitage. I was inspired by Hannah and Jessie Rae's letters and so decided to use mine! So I wrote Nana and Papa a letter :o)

My "L"

Julia recently got out Mom's embossing kit!

my "Lily" stamp with the ink
Gold embossing


Julia hard at work

Cara, Hannah, and Sophia made a fun tent downstairs!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

life is precious- choose life

On Tuesday I got to go again to GPRC with Lydia. I am so thankful that I have gotten to go, and really hope to make it a weekly thing! This past Tuesday we got there at 8 am. There weren't any appts. at Grace scheduled till later. A woman named Ms. Iva, who is a sidewalk counselor and goes up to stand in front of the abortion clinic, was waiting to go up. No one can go up there by themselves and both of the women that were supposed to come with Ms. Iva weren't able to come. So Lydia asked me if I would like to go up with her. So I wound up going up to pray and speak to women going in.

It is one thing to pray that women will not choose to have an abortion. It is another thing to stand in front of the dark and evil building on a Sunday, praying, while no one is going in. It is a totally different thing to stand there watching women go in. In the three hours we were up there, we watched 20 women walk in. Twenty women. It broke my heart. I really wanted to go give each of those women a hug. Most of them were crying. It was so, so sad. Ms. Iva knows which women are the workers at the abortion clinic. We even watched the abortionist pull in.

It turned it into a reality for me- women really do have abortions. So horrible. Many of the women just think that having an abortion will end their problem. But really, it won't. It will really cause more problems for you than it would be to raise a child. Many women have physical problems after having an abortion, and also deal with horrible guilt and regret. Ms. Iva said that so many women come down to Grace twenty minutes after having an abortion wishing that they had not. So, so sad.

Several people came and got some of the information Ms. Iva had. The Asian people were very open to getting other info. Another guy told her to "bug off." Another woman yelled at Ms. Iva saying, "How could you care about me? You don't know me!" It was so sad. :o(

Every time I go with Lydia to Grace I want to go again. Life is such a gift! When I am holding precious little children, it makes me wonder why someone would not want such a sweet baby!

Grace Pregnancy Resource Center (GPRC), its employees, and volunteers have the great opportunity to share the Gospel and hope. All of their services are free (i.e. counseling, testing, financial help, parenting classes called CARE (which Lydia teaches), referrals).

Here is the website for Grace:

Lydia, thanks so much for letting me come with you! Lydia is really awesome!!!!! And she has super cute kids! (we are so looking forward to having them!!)


Hey friends!

Sorry that I have not blogged much this week!

Let's see! What all has happened since I last blogged? Just a warning- this is going to be long.... ~;-)

This morning I went out to breakfast with Hannah at the Pancake Pantry and then we went shopping in that area! YUM our breakfast was very tasty! Hannah got the french toast and I had the Georgia Peach Pancakes. :o) yummmmm! We had lots of fun!! Love you, sweetie!!

This afternoon I had lunch with Grace and Jenny at Panera! Then we did lots of fun shopping! :D New York and Company, I do believe, is my new favorite store. :o) They had super cute and big "obnoxious" sunglasses like I wanted for $5 each! Score! And adorable flip flops for $5! Love that place! I so enjoyed hanging out with Jenny and Grace! Love you girls!!

And tonight a cute couple from our church is coming for dinner and they are going to teach us how to grill! yeahhh!

We are also very excited about Aunt Susan, Sophia, and Hannah coming to visit us today! Aunt Susan called yesterday to see if we were doing anything this weekend (which we aren't doing a lot) so she and the girls are driving up! So fun!! It will be so good to see them!

Yesterday Cara and I babysat Marley and Maguire! they are so sweet!

On Tuesday night Julia and I made dinner! We made fettuccine alfredo with chicken and it was AMAZING. If I say so myself haha. :o) It is supposedly Olive Garden's recipe but we added a bunch of stuff. Here is our recipe!

4 ounces cream cheese- cut in bits (the recipe said to do 8 ounces but everyone who commented said to do 4 instead)
3/4 cup butter
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup half and half or heavy whipping cream (we used the latter)
3/4 cup Parmesan (which we did not have so see the cheese below)
4 slices baby swiss
3 slices provolone
1/4 cup mexican cheese
Garlic, salt, and pepper to taste
{The recipe suggests 8 ounces of cooked and drained fettuccine but we just used regular spaghetti noodles)

In a large saucepan combine cream cheese, cheese, butter, milk, and heavy whipping cream (or half and half), stirring constantly until smooth. Toss pasta lightly with sauce, coating well.

For chicken:
We used 2 cups of Costco's pre-cut and pre-grilled chicken. (it is awesome!!)
Handful of freshly cut basil (from the garden!)
Heat chicken with tablespoon of butter then combine with basil, top on pasta.

We also sprinkled the parmesan that comes in a green container (for spaghetti) and some fresh cilantro on top.



Lily :o)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

letters to juliet

Today I went to see Letters to Juliet with some very fun girls from school! Me, Cori, Eliza, Lillie, Laura, Anna Lea, and Abigail. It was so fun!

I LOVED Letters to Juliet!! It was so cute and very funny! I would totally go see it again! The small (and very few) offensive things did not stick out. The story line was great!

"Gran, it's been a really, really long day." "Have a good sleep, Charlie!"

"Look her in the eye." "Gran, I'm not 12!" "Prove it, then."

"Do you have any idea what could have happened if Gran hadn't seen sense?!" "Yeah. You wouldn't be here, which would be an upside."

Cori, Eliza and I had a running commentary throughout the movie haha! "Run Charlie run!" "She needs to catch a plane" and many more :o)

I also decided before the movie that there should be two new ratings: PGkid and PGnasty. ~:-)

It was a really great movie and a fun afternoon! (even if we had to leave the mall because something was on fire...???)

Friday, May 21, 2010


Today I babysat two cute little girls while Mom and their mom played tennis.

Me- "So what do you want to be when you grow up?"
The 6 year old- "A mermaid."
The 3 year old- "A bear."
6 yr old- "But bears have ears."
Me- "Um... We have ears too!"

First Picasa picture!

Lovely Linds and her rose!
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a sweet 16th princess party!

My dear friend Riley just turned 16! To celebrate she had a Disney Princess Party! SO fun! I was Mulan and Hannah did my hair! She did a really awesome job! Here are some pics! I am figuring out how to use Picasa to do some cool editing... But here's what I have so far! I'll post once I figure it out! Linds took a lot of pics at the party- THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! Linds is the baby's (aka my camera :o) auntie!

Mulan :o)

Linds and her rose (we each got a lovely rose and a princess pen as party favors!) (p.s. I edited this on Picasa so we'll see if I can get it on here! haha)

haha I love us :o)

Linds and Riley!
Pretty girls!
My Cinderella pen!

Dorothy slippers!
Eliza, Alydia, and Elli
A princess sippy cup from Anna ;o)
I love you Riley! Is she not adorable?!
Showing off her amazing shoes
Cool pic by Linds

Emily, Eliza, and Riley
Yup several girlies were making fun of me eating my cookie with a fork... haha ;o)

It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!! We watched Enchanted and Sleeping Beauty, played SceneIt, and ate lots of yummy treats :o)

Love you Riley!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We babysat these sweet little fairies today :o)

Marley- she loves wearing my watch when I babysit
I wish I could have used Dad's wide angle lens on this shot... it's still cute though :o)

Popsicle time!

Marley JUST popped the bubble :o)