Friday, May 21, 2010

a sweet 16th princess party!

My dear friend Riley just turned 16! To celebrate she had a Disney Princess Party! SO fun! I was Mulan and Hannah did my hair! She did a really awesome job! Here are some pics! I am figuring out how to use Picasa to do some cool editing... But here's what I have so far! I'll post once I figure it out! Linds took a lot of pics at the party- THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! Linds is the baby's (aka my camera :o) auntie!

Mulan :o)

Linds and her rose (we each got a lovely rose and a princess pen as party favors!) (p.s. I edited this on Picasa so we'll see if I can get it on here! haha)

haha I love us :o)

Linds and Riley!
Pretty girls!
My Cinderella pen!

Dorothy slippers!
Eliza, Alydia, and Elli
A princess sippy cup from Anna ;o)
I love you Riley! Is she not adorable?!
Showing off her amazing shoes
Cool pic by Linds

Emily, Eliza, and Riley
Yup several girlies were making fun of me eating my cookie with a fork... haha ;o)

It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!! We watched Enchanted and Sleeping Beauty, played SceneIt, and ate lots of yummy treats :o)

Love you Riley!!!!

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