Monday, June 28, 2010


The Graves gave us some very pretty flowers!!

I love these pictures! When I went outside my camera lens started fogging up= a very cool picture!

Dear friends and a photo shoot!

The Many Adventures of L&H

I am SO glad that Hannah came to stay with us!! She is SO much fun and very delightful!! We love her!!

Hannah and I have had many fun outings! Pancake Pantry, several shopping trips :o), Starbucks, Toy Story 3, washing her car... :o)

Our next outing- I am taking her to Sweet Ceces! :D

Love you honey!!

Elijah and Haven

Dad and Elijah playing with trains!
Mmmhmm Haven loves berries!!

toy story 3!

We saw Toy Story 3! It was SO GOOD!!!!! I went last Monday with Hannah and Mom, Julia, Cara, Rachel, Mary Eveleen, and Anne Florence saw it later in the week. RUN don't walk to see it!! Go here to see the trailer!

publicity meeting!

The publicity meeting went very well!! Many many thanks to everyone who came and made it possible!

My dear family was a great help! Dad transported me around that day to various destinations- the Apple store to buy an adaptor cord, to the library, to FedEx office... Mom, Julia, and Cara were busy making amazing food! They made biscuits, pork tenderloin, pasta salad, AMAZING brownies cupcakes... It was all delicious!!

The evening before the meeting we went to Whole Foods to get some food. We had great service! Julia and Cara like picking out weird fruits to try. We found one such fruit that looked kinda like a grenade or something. haha. It was yellow/orange with pricklies all over it. Mom said if it was 5 bucks we were not buying it. As we checked out I told the cashier that we were buying it for the coolness factor. Mom also told him what she said about the 5 bucks. It came out to be 4.99. The guy told us he would give it to us for free if we came back to tell him how it was! He said someone said it tasted like cantaloupe and banana.

what it looked like inside

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Conference Aug 14th and Meeting tomorrow!

The Do Hard Things Conference is coming to Nashville this summer!

The Rebelution Tour: Do Hard Things is coming to Nashville!
Date: August 14th, 2010
Where: Two Rivers Baptist Church
2800 McGavock Pike
Nashville, TN 37204

What: One-day Christian conference for teens and their parents. Though aimed toward teens, the message of The Rebelution Tour has inspired college students, singles, and even elementary ages!
Message: "a teenage rebellion against low expectations of our culture by Doing Hard Things for the glory of God'

Check out the website,, for more info, or the Nashville site:
Contact: Lily Scott, Rebelution Publicity Coordinator

Cost: Nashville - August 14th
Pre-Reg ends Aug 7 - $35 / person
Standard ends Aug 14 - $40 / person

More about pricing:
The Rebelution Tour will never turn anyone away for lack of funds. Email us for more information. Please include (1) sufficient details to demonstrate eligibility for scholarship, (2) the number of registrants in your family, and (3) the amount you can afford to pay.

For groups of 10 or more, register together and receive 10% off conference registrations.

We are so excited about this amazing conference coming to Nashville! As the publicity coordinator, I am putting together a publicity team to get the word out!

Are you interested in being involved with this conference? Please contact me! (or comment on my blog!)

I am having a publicity meeting THIS Thursday, June 24th, at the Green Hills Library (3701 Benham Avenue, Nashville TN 37215) from 5:45-7:45. This meeting will be for anyone interested in helping with the publicity for this conference!

This meeting will cover:
~what this is about
~our job as the publicity team
~publicity tips
~spreading the word

We will have food! Please email me if you are interested in attending the meeting.


Nashville Publicity Coordinator
I Timothy 4:12

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A horse show, playing in the yard, and pool!

Today was a very fun day! Our friend Kaitlin was in a horse show in Murfreesboro so we went to that! Elijah was super excited to go to the "cowboy show!" Unfortunately we did not see any real cowboys... :o) But it was so fun seeing all the "horsies!" Haven kept pointing at the horses and saying "Dat! Dat!" :o)
Elijah had his gun and was ready to see horses!
Julia and Haven
Watching the horses!
Lily and Haven-lou

Lily, Haven, Cara, and our friend Kaitlin
Elijah, Julia, and Cara
Elijah- ready to water and play in the yard!
So cute!!
washing off
haven and lily
"Dat! Dat" pointing at the pansies
checkin' out the garden
washing his feet off in the waterer

Haven LOVED the water!! She loved the pool water, water coming out of the hose, if it's water she loves it!
Ready to go!
In the "wittle pool"

Haven and Elijah had so much fun in the pool! Whenever Haven was not in the pool, she would point at it and say "Dat!"
We are so enjoying having them!!