Monday, June 28, 2010

publicity meeting!

The publicity meeting went very well!! Many many thanks to everyone who came and made it possible!

My dear family was a great help! Dad transported me around that day to various destinations- the Apple store to buy an adaptor cord, to the library, to FedEx office... Mom, Julia, and Cara were busy making amazing food! They made biscuits, pork tenderloin, pasta salad, AMAZING brownies cupcakes... It was all delicious!!

The evening before the meeting we went to Whole Foods to get some food. We had great service! Julia and Cara like picking out weird fruits to try. We found one such fruit that looked kinda like a grenade or something. haha. It was yellow/orange with pricklies all over it. Mom said if it was 5 bucks we were not buying it. As we checked out I told the cashier that we were buying it for the coolness factor. Mom also told him what she said about the 5 bucks. It came out to be 4.99. The guy told us he would give it to us for free if we came back to tell him how it was! He said someone said it tasted like cantaloupe and banana.

what it looked like inside

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