Sunday, February 24, 2013

RBCN Ladies' Retreat

Last weekend we went to Fall Creek Falls! What a wonderful weekend. I was so blessed by it! It was such a treat to get to spend the weekend with some of my favorite ladies!

The theme this year was JOY. I am excited to share some of what we learned!

I loved the picture Erin gave us to FIGHT for JOY.

Favorite quote from the retreat:

"God has ordained my circumstances and is committed to my good."

Here are some pictures!

View from our back porch! 
Lovely walk 
Ladies + Erin!
Ladies + Lily! 
Walk buddies!
Cara getting some baby love 
Our abode for the weekend :)
So beautiful!
Central villa 
This was crazy!
I love you ladies!! So thankful for you all and our time together!

Life in Pictures: February

More life in pictures through my iPhone lens! :)

Panorama snow shot! 
Artsy sister painted owls on her nails :)
Look who got married!! 
Lunch with my girl! 
How cute is this little munchkin?!
My happy board :) 

Cute kids!!

Lovely. PC Julia!
Roses from Dad to Mom!
Reunited picture!!
Picture from KTown's pool
In lab we learned that 100 C for 30 mins was the most efficient way to kill bacteria :)
MTHSSA Regional Banquet - second men's team!
Valentine's Day!
Mmmm hot chocolate!
ESL Computer class 
ME and Julia at BOTB!
Senior class party!
More comp class
My girl Annie!
Symposium time
Jenny, Zach, and Lil photobombed by Taylor
Lil, Jenny, Coach Dawn, Hailey, and Rachel!
MTHSSA Banquet 2013 
Another wedding pic :) 
Going to see our people swim at southeasterns!

Life in Pictures: iPhone Pictures from State

February 8th-9th, Julia and I road tripped up to Knoxville to see our people swim in State!! Here are some pictures from my iPhone (more camera pictures coming soon :) It was such a wonderful weekend and such a treat to get to hang out with some of our favorite people! It was my last high school meet :( I love the Makos!!

View from the bleachers
Here we goooo!! Our first road trip!
Makos reppin on the podium
View from behind the block
Taylor getting an award
A relay with the coaches!
This pool is beautiful! 
We made it!
View from the side of the pool 

I love this girl!!

One of my favorite apps!!
More pictures coming soon!