Sunday, February 24, 2013

RBCN Ladies' Retreat

Last weekend we went to Fall Creek Falls! What a wonderful weekend. I was so blessed by it! It was such a treat to get to spend the weekend with some of my favorite ladies!

The theme this year was JOY. I am excited to share some of what we learned!

I loved the picture Erin gave us to FIGHT for JOY.

Favorite quote from the retreat:

"God has ordained my circumstances and is committed to my good."

Here are some pictures!

View from our back porch! 
Lovely walk 
Ladies + Erin!
Ladies + Lily! 
Walk buddies!
Cara getting some baby love 
Our abode for the weekend :)
So beautiful!
Central villa 
This was crazy!
I love you ladies!! So thankful for you all and our time together!

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