Saturday, June 19, 2010

A horse show, playing in the yard, and pool!

Today was a very fun day! Our friend Kaitlin was in a horse show in Murfreesboro so we went to that! Elijah was super excited to go to the "cowboy show!" Unfortunately we did not see any real cowboys... :o) But it was so fun seeing all the "horsies!" Haven kept pointing at the horses and saying "Dat! Dat!" :o)
Elijah had his gun and was ready to see horses!
Julia and Haven
Watching the horses!
Lily and Haven-lou

Lily, Haven, Cara, and our friend Kaitlin
Elijah, Julia, and Cara
Elijah- ready to water and play in the yard!
So cute!!
washing off
haven and lily
"Dat! Dat" pointing at the pansies
checkin' out the garden
washing his feet off in the waterer

Haven LOVED the water!! She loved the pool water, water coming out of the hose, if it's water she loves it!
Ready to go!
In the "wittle pool"

Haven and Elijah had so much fun in the pool! Whenever Haven was not in the pool, she would point at it and say "Dat!"
We are so enjoying having them!!

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  1. They are so happy with you guys! Haven is especially adorable in that picture on your front step where she is looking up! Thanks for taking such good care of them...and for blogging about all your adventures! We can't wait to give them hugs!!!