Friday, June 18, 2010

Elijah and Haven :o)

I love this picture and these two sweeties!!

playing with trains
Haven has already mastered walking up the stairs! We are working on coming down... ~:-)
Elijah and the "crab." :o) We try to tell him it is an octopus but he calls it "the crab" and occasionally "the octopus." ~:-) Julia got it at Michael's- it is one of those things you put in water and it soaks up the water and gets bigger. Elijah loves to go "check on the crab." We told him that tomorrow, when he wakes up, the "crab" will be bigger! I think he remembers the crabs (now um expired ;) from the last time he came. When Julia first put it in the water, Elijah said, "It is growing! It is getting bigger!" so cute!!

Discussing our plans for tomorrow :o)
Haven laughing with Cara :o)

We are so excited to have Elijah and Haven with us!!

It was so cute to hear Elijah say to Julia as she put him to bed, "make me cozy!" :o) They are so fun!!

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  1. Lily!!!! Thanks so much for letting us see pictures! The kids look like they are having a GREAT time at your house...but who doesn't???? Thanks so much! See you Sunday!