Thursday, May 27, 2010

life is precious- choose life

On Tuesday I got to go again to GPRC with Lydia. I am so thankful that I have gotten to go, and really hope to make it a weekly thing! This past Tuesday we got there at 8 am. There weren't any appts. at Grace scheduled till later. A woman named Ms. Iva, who is a sidewalk counselor and goes up to stand in front of the abortion clinic, was waiting to go up. No one can go up there by themselves and both of the women that were supposed to come with Ms. Iva weren't able to come. So Lydia asked me if I would like to go up with her. So I wound up going up to pray and speak to women going in.

It is one thing to pray that women will not choose to have an abortion. It is another thing to stand in front of the dark and evil building on a Sunday, praying, while no one is going in. It is a totally different thing to stand there watching women go in. In the three hours we were up there, we watched 20 women walk in. Twenty women. It broke my heart. I really wanted to go give each of those women a hug. Most of them were crying. It was so, so sad. Ms. Iva knows which women are the workers at the abortion clinic. We even watched the abortionist pull in.

It turned it into a reality for me- women really do have abortions. So horrible. Many of the women just think that having an abortion will end their problem. But really, it won't. It will really cause more problems for you than it would be to raise a child. Many women have physical problems after having an abortion, and also deal with horrible guilt and regret. Ms. Iva said that so many women come down to Grace twenty minutes after having an abortion wishing that they had not. So, so sad.

Several people came and got some of the information Ms. Iva had. The Asian people were very open to getting other info. Another guy told her to "bug off." Another woman yelled at Ms. Iva saying, "How could you care about me? You don't know me!" It was so sad. :o(

Every time I go with Lydia to Grace I want to go again. Life is such a gift! When I am holding precious little children, it makes me wonder why someone would not want such a sweet baby!

Grace Pregnancy Resource Center (GPRC), its employees, and volunteers have the great opportunity to share the Gospel and hope. All of their services are free (i.e. counseling, testing, financial help, parenting classes called CARE (which Lydia teaches), referrals).

Here is the website for Grace:

Lydia, thanks so much for letting me come with you! Lydia is really awesome!!!!! And she has super cute kids! (we are so looking forward to having them!!)

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  1. Lily, you are awesome! I'm glad you are coming with me; and I'm so thankful that you want to encourage others to choose life!!