Saturday, May 22, 2010

letters to juliet

Today I went to see Letters to Juliet with some very fun girls from school! Me, Cori, Eliza, Lillie, Laura, Anna Lea, and Abigail. It was so fun!

I LOVED Letters to Juliet!! It was so cute and very funny! I would totally go see it again! The small (and very few) offensive things did not stick out. The story line was great!

"Gran, it's been a really, really long day." "Have a good sleep, Charlie!"

"Look her in the eye." "Gran, I'm not 12!" "Prove it, then."

"Do you have any idea what could have happened if Gran hadn't seen sense?!" "Yeah. You wouldn't be here, which would be an upside."

Cori, Eliza and I had a running commentary throughout the movie haha! "Run Charlie run!" "She needs to catch a plane" and many more :o)

I also decided before the movie that there should be two new ratings: PGkid and PGnasty. ~:-)

It was a really great movie and a fun afternoon! (even if we had to leave the mall because something was on fire...???)

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