Wednesday, September 25, 2013

College. {Part Five}

Sometimes the Lipscomb Starbucks guy knows who you are... but you don't go to Lipscomb. Awk. Also, here is his creative way of fixing my name to the correct spelling... 
Sometimes you go to Moe's then remember it is free queso day!
I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! Made me so incredibly happy to get a surprise phone call that she had come home!! 
Color Me Rad with fun new Belmont friends!
Orange station... before I got nailed...
Cute gals!! I was dumping orange out of my ear for a long time...

Creds to JS :)
I LOVE THEM! My seminar people! 
So glad she came homeee!! 
Happy happy happy!! Now introducing... the Belmont Swim Club!!
Hot chocolate at Frothy with the fab Linnea!!
Gorgeous morning at NSCC

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