Thursday, July 4, 2013

Life in Pictures :: Late June

At the end of June, I...

-went to Belmont's orientation/Towering Traditions/registration! I registered for classes, met some fun people, and stayed overnight on campus! One of my new fun friends, a gal from California, had never seen fireflies before... so we went outside at 11:30pm to run around campus like crazy people catching fireflies :)

-had girls' night every week (one of my favorite things!)

-went to Nashville Shores with the Gators

-celebrated Dad and Papa on Father's Day!

-got to see my girl Rach swim her last home meet!

-got 5 inches cut off my hair!

-got to see some super fun friends perform

-went to SATCO with Dad

-couldn't get enough of the Gator cuteness

-went to the Wildwood Block Party/early July 4th celebration (we practically live there, right?!)

Happy Father's Day, Papa! We love you!
Meg's home! 
Wildwood celebratin
Two of the world's best coworkers and friends!
Lil and Jen do entries selfie # 1 
My orientation crew! Can you find me?!?! (everyone is holding up 4 fingers because we were the 4th orientation :)
Transformation Tuesday! Friends fo lyfe!
More fireworks from block party
I love this girl! Rach at her last home meet!
Lil and Jen do entries selfie #2 
Artsy brothers and sisters haircut pic! 
Orientation creeper shot (orientation=awk icebreaker games....)
Lunch with Dad!
Block party! 
Love these people! 
You do!
Fun people performin!
Date with Dad selfie!
Love her!
Selfie coworker shot for Brenda :)
Sweet Ceces and Chipotle with three of the best siblings!
Andddd one more firework shot :)
Human windshield wiper?
So thankful to call these beautiful gals my sisters and friends!! (ps isn't it nice we have evidence I occasionally wear something other than a swimsuit and coverup? ;)

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