Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Highlights: Part 3 {In Pictures}

Family with Tigger at Disney!
The Lorax! 
Precal at Krispy Kreme!
Julia's birthday! 
Mrs. Higgins!! 
Todds and Scotts in Harry Potter World!! 
PaJoe and Mom!

Julia's birthday!
Harry Potter World!
Collage :)
Photo booth with my girls Mara and Anna at the Sommers' wedding! 
The tot :)
Julia's birthday!
Mrs. Reyes!!
Another collage :)
Mrs. Day!!
Julia's birthday! 
Remake gem :)
My awesome study hall cleanup crew!! (+friends :)
Mimi graduated!!
SB's recital! 
Sarah Beth graduated!! 
Whoo hoo!
Scott gals + the graduate! 
Silly Goose with my favorite guy!
Panera with Nana and Papa!
Yup, eating goldfish at graduation. Now I'm trying to figure out how to fit it in my gown this year... #justkidding #butreally 
Sweet Cece's!

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