Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Highlights: Part 2 {In Pictures}

Happy New Year! Crazy to think that this is the year I graduate and start college!

Here are some of the picture highlights from 2012!

Joelle! I love this girl!
Guess who was excited about a Vera store in Nash?!
Um we may or may not have had a JB birthday party... ;)
On a lunch date with my favorite guy! 
I love this girl! Lunch at the Pineapple Room! 
Celebrating my girl Anna! 
Union visit!
Union tshirt
One Direction concert with my favorite Julia's! 
Favorite British boys!
Easter with the fam!
Nana and Papa! 
Las Paletas with my awesome lit lab!
Opry Mills with my girls!
Lipscomb visit with this beautiful girl!
MTHEA Teen Banquet!
Ginger sisters! 
Banquet! Love you! 
Love this girl!
Pretty ladies!
I love these girls so much! Sister love!
My other sister Rach :)
I love these gals- so sad it's blurry :/
Hilton Head SB'12!


So cute :)
Rennah and Arie!
Hilton Head
Senior Toast Prep '12 
Senior Toast Prep '12
Senior Toast Prep '12
Senior Toast Prep '12
Vocal music performance 
More senior toast
Part 3 coming soon :)

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