Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Highlights: Part 4 {In Pictures}

Summer Time!!

Coaches : 

Little brother! 
Happy Father's Day!
Cute kids :)
The night we were up till well after 10 doing meet entries... It was fun... As seen in the above pictures ;)
Flash mob dance!!
Cleaning out the closet!
Love this girl! Walking around Radnor Lake
Nana and Papa!
Meet marks :)
I loved my Saturdays with Anna!!
Burger Up with my favorite guy after an ACT!
Two of my favorite people :)
Meet entries...
One of my skillful DrawSomething drawings... 
Meet entries take 2 
Love these people!
Riley graduated!
Love these girls!! Partyin' before SB went to Aspen
Kersey's, Lily, and Bella with matching shoes :)
This is what I do after a rough day. Three of my favorite things! 
My kids!! 
My people at City Meet! CHAMPS!
My 18th!
Last day of being a kid- could not have spent it a better way than this :) 
So presh- from one of my kids!
SO MUCH LOVE!! My kids brought me cards and flowers for my birthday!! 
Two of my favorites on my birthday!
City meet sign- these quotes are so legit :)
Love them!
Julia is amazing. She had these crazy and cute 6&under boys playing games while they waited!
Awkward coworker photos? 
City meet shirts :)
Wildwood loves Bluegrass! Here are all the coaches dressed up :) 
Love them!! CHAMPS!! #winning
Part 5 coming soon :)

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