Monday, December 17, 2012

Life in Pictures

We joined the "festive neighbor club" :)
Jenny is 18!!
Love these people!
First time hanging out in months! Love this girl! 
Julia and Haven-lou :) 
Dad's office gettin' in the Christmas spirit :)
Artsy :)

I CAN'T SEE. Sit down people...
DIY Family Project:: Christmas Tree!
Abby's recital! Love these gals!
On his FB page!!
Julia and Rach got to see TobyMac up close!!
Union acceptance!!
More concert
This girl had her birthday! Love you! 
Now we are over 5000 :)
Goodbye college algebra!
Selfie at the concert!
Jenny's 18th!! Love you!!
My coach is better than yours :) Our Christmas present and a gift card for finishing a hard practice!!
I was clearly an artistically gifted first grader. #rightttt 
Love this girl!! #hackingjulia'sitouch
My screensaver :) They make me happy!
Umm pet photos with Santa? 
That great moment when your prof writes that he doesn't know what you were saying... uhhh...
and more concert :)

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  1. You're adorable Lily!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!! xo Marisa