Monday, December 17, 2012

One Thousand Gifts:: Take Thirty-Nine


1330. Christmas break!
1331. that finals went well
1332. that after a week of not having my voice, it is finally coming back!
1333. this amazing weather

1334. that God is still in control after such a horrible tragedy in Connecticut.
1335. comfort and peace amidst grief
1336. Albert Mohler's response
1337. heroic teachers that sacrificed their lives to protect students

1338. Makos Christmas party
1339. my Makos!
1340. lots of laughter and fun
1341. two swim meets in one week

1342. my awesome coaches
1343. getting to go to the fabulous TobyMac Hits Deep Tour!
1344. worshipping with a packed out Bridgestone Arena
1345. praying with concertgoers for the families affected by the Connecticut shooting

1346. a decorated Christmas tree
1347. Dad and Cara putting up our outside lights
1348. Christmas festivities
1349. 5000+ views on our video!!

1350. getting to see friends I've really missed
1351. dear church family
1352. Christmas Spectacular!
1353. Starbucks with the sisters

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