Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Lovin':: Part 3

Senior Year Bucket List!
Things to accomplish during senior year: 
-go to a public school setting during school hours CHECK! Had lunch with two of my favorite people at BHS!
-go to a high school football game (um never been to one) CHECK! We went to the Brentwood vs Centennial game Friday night :)

-watch Star Wars CHECK- 1 of 6 :) ! Watched Phantom Menace with four of my fave people.
-Go to Sanctuary some Thursday night
-Take a picture with the random Brentwood bruin bear in the track field (why? I am not really sure. I've always wanted to? Weird- yup! :) CHECK! Did this on Thursday :)

Love these kids!
-Read a novel in Spanish CHECK! Finished Del amor y otros demonios this week.

Well, our fall break is over :( Unfortunately, it wasn't much of a fall break since I still had college classes. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving when I'll have a week off of everything! I didn't get as much done as I had wanted- college applications need to be finished and such. But I do have a nice clean room ~:-)

This week I have been working on my senior bio- what?! Crazy town!

Looking forward to starting a new week! Check out the One Thousand Gifts post below.

Have you checked out the newly updated Makos site? :)

-pumpkin spice frap at Starbucks (and at home :)
-mums and pumpkin on our front porch
-this lovely weather
-Ephesians 1
-apple cider
-I Am Second book
-pretty leaves
-new schedule for school and life



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  1. Looks like a lot you've done in your senior year!! What's next?

    Read your recent spate of posts about being thankful.. it's really great to reflect on things we should be thankful for..

    I just came up with an iPhone app where people share their goals and dreams in a fun way. It may help you keep track of items on your list :)

    Best, Ray (iPhone app)