Tuesday, July 24, 2012


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Good moment of the day... That awkward moment when you realize that two different Christie Cookie employees on two different occasions have asked you if you work in the mall... Maybe I am there buying cookies for Dad too much?

Every time I go shopping for cards, I get closer and closer to starting my OWN line of cards. Something that gets the message across without being Sappy Street in Cheeseville. "When my heart was broken, you were there for me." Really? What kind of happy birthday is that? And why is it that we can find 4 cards for your niece's birthday, 2 cards for "I'm sorry your dog died", 15 Justin Bieber cards (which totally rock), tacky number birthday cards... but we can't find a decent card that says "Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!" or "Happy Father's Day, Dad! You are the best!" What is this world coming to?!

Me to a store employee: "Each time I go card shopping I seriously get closer and closer to starting my own line of cards." Lady: "Are you a graphic designer?" Me: "Ummm no. I am not at all artistic, actually..."

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