Monday, July 23, 2012

One Thousand Gifts:: Take Thirty-Six

Oops... I have not posted a One Thousand Gifts list in a while! Here we go :)


1233. having probably the best summer in my 18 years of life :)
1234. the three best coworkers ever
1235. super fun kids
1236. our first winning/undefeated season in a very long time
1237. the joy and privilege of coaching 180 Gators!

1238. new friends
1239. closer relationships with old friends
1240. lots of fun and laughter
1241. hugs from my kids
1242. watching the kids "get" something after lots of hard work

1243. going to church, hearing God's Word preached, and fellowshipping with my dear church family
1244. my church family
1245. chats over lunch
1246. playing in the "worship band" :)
1247. that God is enough

1248. that God is sovereign over all, even the horrific shooting in CO

1249. seeing God specifically answer prayer
1250. verse of the day on my Bible app

1251. chats with Jenny- lots of laughter :)
1252. getting to see two of my coworkers whom I hadn't seen in a week
1253. cards and flowers from my Gators
1254. 18 years of life
1255. lots of love on my birthday

1256. babysitting super cute kids
1257. doing swim lessons with a very sweet family and seeing the kids improve

1258. a great recovery from having my wisdom teeth removed
1259. sweet friends coming to visit
1260. Julia making me potato cheese soup
1261. chickfila milkshakes

1262. discovering Freegal Music
1263. the library
1264. the nice people who work at the library
1265. Pandora
1266. Cherry Cokes from Jenny

1267. running into random, fun friends at various places and having lovely chats
1268. my dear family
1269. deep life chats with my "adopted" siblings :)
1270. hanging out at the pool with very fun people

1271. so many blessings from the King.



P.S. Here is a cute picture of me and my favorite coworkers :)

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