Friday, June 1, 2012


Summer is so wonderful!

Coaching is amazing. I can't even use the right words to describe it. It is fabulous. It is so rewarding! The other day a 10 year old girl came to afternoon practice with an illegal breaststroke. We worked together and by the end of practice, she did it legally! I am not sure who was more excited- me or the swimmer :)
Some of my favorite quotes.

No Gator Left Behind


Sportsmanship defined by a 6 year old: "It's being happy when the other team wins."

J to swimmer: "Let's have a heart to heart."

5 year old: "When do I get a trophy?" Me: "Not today, honey!" "Tomorrow?" "Actually, we get them at the end of the season!"

5 year old: "I HAVE A LOOSE TOOTH!! LOOK!" Several other kids: "Me too!"

You know you're a swim coach when...
Last night I saw one of my 6&unders in "real life" (read: not in a suit at the pool)
Kid: "What are YOU doing HERE?! Why aren't you wearing a swim suit?!" soooo funny!
I get fired (that's "fired" :) daily. Yesterday it was because I wanted the kids to breathe and not have to do lots of breath control... :)

More coming soon :)



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