Monday, June 11, 2012

Life in Pictures

Mimi graduated! Love these girls!
At SB' s fabulous senior recital! Love you sweet friend!
SB graduated! 
Gorgeous grad!
Lunch with my favorite guy at Silly Goose!
Lunch with Nana, Papa, and Cara at Panera!
Zach and Matthew!
Coaches names
What I do when I get locked out of the house- party at LU's Starbucks!
Reallyyyy cute... but this makes me laugh. I may or may not have whipped out some goldfish to eat during graduation... :)
I love you! Sweet Ceces with the gorgeous Julia
Look at these cute kids!! 
Our little brother! 
Love her!
p.s. Dear Katie Bell, we were really sad we couldn't come to your recital! I am sure you did great! xxoo

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