Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life in Pictures

Here are the most recent pictures from my iTouch... Enjoy! :)

Beautiful sister!
Happy Father's Day to the world's best dad! I love you so much dear Dad!
Super cute kids at church!!
Dinner with Dad, Cara, and Julia at SATCO!

We love doing meet entries till 10:15 the night before a meet! At least these people are super fun- as demonstrated by these pictures, right? ;) 
You know, just the song for our Gator flash mob... :) SO AWESOME! Go here to see the dance!
Cleaning out the closet with B, M, and G! So fun!
Yup, all this junk was in there. Lady at the clubhouse front door: "Is this your house?!" soo funny
Finished product!!
Walk at Radnor Lake with this dear and beautiful friend! I love you!!
This picture makes me smile :)
Yummm- Sweet Ceces!
I need remedial braiding help... Poor Cara... :) 
Father's Day with Nana and Papa!! We love you!!
"gang signs" aka events/heats/lanes from the swim meet! 
One day one of my sweet swimmers brought me homemade brownie and biscotti- yum! So precious! 
With my darling friend Anna!! This was after I caused problems at Starbucks... So I decided we should come hang out at my house instead... haha
Lunch with my favorite guy {Dad!} after the June ACT! Burger Up- yumm!
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