Thursday, June 21, 2012


Let's talk about how much I love my job. It is amazing. I work with three super awesome people and our kids are so adorable.

Today my 6&unders did eight laps- the most they have done all season! Today was also the first day we have not had any tears! This past Tuesday we won our second meet- by 263 points! Last week we won by 290 points! Our kids had great swims, fabulous sportsmanship, and a super fun FLASH MOB!! (see last post for the link to the Interlude dance!) So proud of my Gators!!

Today my fabulous boss gave me the evening off! :) Mom and I went shopping- so much fun! I love you so much dear Mom! :)

It is so weird to not be at the pool... Whenever I am not I wonder, "What am I supposed to do with my life?!" So here I am- blogging a little update :)

Last week I met Sheryl Crow- so fun! I shook her hand :)

A little peek into life at the pool...

Things I say 500000 times a day! Our kids have these things drilled into them every day... Now I have them fill in the blanks or answer the question :)

- Q: How do we make ourselves float?
  A: Heads back, bellies up!
- Q: How many hands do we touch with on breaststroke?
  A: Two!
- Q: How many hands do we touch with on butterfly?
  A: Two!
- Q: What do we NOT do on backstroke?
  A: Roll onto our stomachs!
- Q: What do we do off the walls?
  A: Streamline!
- Q: What are our feet doing when we are streamlining?
  A: Kicking!
- Q: When do we take our last breath on freestyle and butterfly?
  A: At the flags!
- Q: What's the order of the IM? (for 7&ups)
  A: Butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle!
- Q: What's the order of the mini IM? (for 6&unders)
  A: Backstroke then freestyle!
- Q: What do we do when we finish our race at a meet?
  A: Stay in the water till everyone is done and then shake the hand of the person next to you! Or give them a high five!
- Q: We want to have good what?
  A: Sportsmanship!
- Q: How often do we breathe on breaststroke?
  A: Every stroke!
- Q: When do we take our first breath off the wall?
  A: After two or three strokes!
- Q: What do we NOT do on breaststroke or butterfly?
  A: Flutter kick!

Yes, our kids can answer those questions! :)

Me: "What do you do if you feel like you are sinking on backstroke?" 5 year old: "Poke that belly up!" This made me laugh because I say "poke that belly up" :)

Every day I wear my hair in a bun on top of my head and I wear sunglasses. The other day it wasn't super bright yet so I was wearing my normal glasses (so I could see haha). One of my kids: "What's up with the glasses?!" Me: "Well they are what I wear in real life" :)

7&8 year old: "I'm a sea orphan!" *goes underwater* I was really confused... then asked, "Do you mean sea urchin?" too funny!

You know you're a swim coach when... you see one of your 5 year olds in "real life" and they look at you and say, "What are YOU doing here?? Why aren't you wearing your swim suit?!" :)

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