Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Disney Secrets and Fun!

Disney Secrets!

Tips from our fam to yours :)

-Best seat on Soarin: Row 1 Section B
-Best track at Space Mountain: Left side
-DO Fast Pass! It is the bomb. Be sure to check out the new FP rules here.
-Best snacks: Dole Whip in Frontierland in Magic Kingdom. It's across from the Treehouse. YUM YUM YUM.
-You might look lame, but you won't be wet. Wear your poncho on Splash Mountain.
-Speaking of that, bring ponchos every day! It rains every.day. in Florida. It is so worth it to buy ponchos and carry them around.
-Wear ponchos on the Bilge Barge and Woody Woodpecker's rides in Islands of Adventure. You will get SOAKED.
-We found out about this on this trip- you can get free tap water from the restaurants and food stands. And unlike most Florida water, it doesn't taste bad! Score! This way you don't have to buy bottled water all day. This probably saved us $200. Not even kidding.
-Drink water and prevent dehydration!
-Look for the characters in Epcot- and the lines aren't too long! We found Pooh, Tigger, Mickey, and several others next to the USA in Epcot one day!
-We Fast Passed it, but the Winnie the Pooh ride has fun things for kids to do in line!
-There are 683 seats in the Hall of Presidents.
-Disney employees are so nice.
-Everything is really expensive. But you just have to get over it and enjoy it. I almost had a heart attack paying $6 for a scoop of ice cream in some Coke, but you just have to move past it. (Yes I could have gotten it for $1.50 at Sonic. But you have to accept it.)
-Downtown Disney- NOT worth it.
-Get butterbeer in HP World (yes I know it's Universal and not Disney but still). We think it's root beer and cream soda?
-Universal has lots of free lockers by the big rides.

Good places to take naps. (Don't judge.)

-Hall of Presidents. 22 mins in a comfy chair in A/C. I watched the first part and then crashed.
-People Mover- 10 min ride through a part of Magic Kingdom.
-The China movie. 12.5 mins. This is one of the 360 circle screen movies with those lame bars to lean on, but if you are desperate and exhausted (like me), you can sleep on the floor.
-The Canada movie. 14 mins. This is also a 360 circle screen movie with the bars to lean on. I watched it this time, actually... Pretty sure I slept last time. It was fun! Martin Short narrates it.

Disney is such a fun place to meet people from all over the world! It was really fun to use Spanish to communicate! We met people from: Paraguay, Argentina, Haiti, Brazil, Colombia, England, and more!

Our Favorite Rides!

Splash Mountain
Harry Potter*
Pirates of the Caribbean
Bilge Barge*
Doctor Doom's Fearfall*
Mickey's Philharmagic
Space Mountain
Haunted Mansion
Peter Pan
... and more!

*- in Universal

And of course classics like it's a small world, Winnie the Pooh, Maelstrom, Snow White, etc :)

More might be coming soon! :)

What are your favorite rides? Do you have any secrets?




And here are some cute pictures.... :) Taken in Epcot's Italy!

August 2010

May 2012

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