Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Day of School

I can't believe school is over! It is so bittersweet. I will miss the seniors SO MUCH! So incredibly thankful for my Whitver family!

Countdown board!
My awesome study hall clean up crew + friends! 
Darling Mrs. Day! I love you! {U.S. History}
Lit lab take 1 
Dear Mrs. Reyes! I love you! {American lit and lab)
Lit lab take 2- y'all are awesome! 
Precal party at Krispy Kreme!!
Adorable Mrs. Higgins! I love you! {precal and physics}
Precal! So fun! We love 8 am :)
Last lunch as a junior! (you will appreciate this if you have seen #1 in Blimey Cow's video here- it's hilarious if you haven't seen it :)

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