Sunday, March 11, 2012

I heart spring break... Part One

Dear friends,

Whoo hoo! SB12 is hereeee! We got off Friday and don't go back till the 29th! {And in case you were concerned about too much partying, we do have a week of homework due when we get back ;)}

Whoa we are having a fun but crazy weekend! Get ready... here it comes! :)

Cute girls at Sweet Ceces!

 We went to tour Union University on Friday! We loved it! {Chickfila... check!} ;)

Look at my beautiful mom! I love you so much, Mom! You are seriously the best and the coolest :)
My info packet
Free tshirt I got for filling out a survey! Score!
You know, just eating an ice cream sandwich at 5:15 am...
Breakfast of champions right here, folks
Treat bag from the School of Nursing
Pool at Union... check!
I may or may not have switched my screensaver from 1D before I went to the Apple store. No, I am much too far above doing that. *cough*
Lit lab selfie! We missed Jolene!
The beautiful Julia and Julia!
ONEDIRECTIONONEDIRECTION SO EXCITED!!! (more pictures coming soon from the concert :)
Sweet little man!
Trying to help motivate myself to get work done... haha
my itouch homepage earlier this week..... haha struggleee
Precal breakfast! Missing Jolene! (yes... I wore my 1D shirt to school... :)

And to end out this post with some more cute people, I present to you... 1D :)

It makes me very sad- my iTouch is having some major problems. If I try typing on it, scrolling on it, or basically try to do anything... it freaks out. :'( I went to see my Apple buddies yesterday and am going to go meet with a tech this week!

So excited- going to Winter Jam for the first time ever tonight!! Whoo hoo!!

I took the SAT yesterday... partayyyy haha.

Coming soon... One Thousand Gifts, Let's Talk College Stalker Mail, The Concert, and more!

Thanks so much for reading the blog, yall!

Much love,


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