Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Friday... and I learned how to make captions :)

Hey friends!

Hope you are having a lovely week! Our area is supposed to get some really bad storms today... Our swim practice was cancelled and a bunch of schools are closing early. Eeek! Praying for safety!

This can't be a good sign...

Here are some pictures chronicling the latest happenings! :) Get ready... Here they come!

Looking rather menacing on the way to class this morning
Yesterday Justin turned 18! Happy birthday, JB!
I may have worn purple yesterday in honor of the Biebs turning 18 yesterday. I may have watched the movie.  I may have even had a JB birthday party. Ok, so maybe I DID do all those things... :) #noshame
The fab Joelle! And my hair was straight!
Look at my cute dad! Brunch at Fido!
Sweet and beautiful friends!
Selfie! Love you girls!
Look what sweet Dad gave Mom for Valentine's! Isn't he the greatest?! 
Selfie! My hair is getting so long!
Celebrating finishing my work before 5 on Wednesday! AND I got to go to swim team and church! Yay! So thankful for sweet teachers!
Let's stop and minute and talk about how cute they are. 
One Direction!!
Album coming out in the States in March! You should totally go watch their music videos I posted here... :)
Festive lanterns I got at Target day-after-Christmas shopping! Perfect for Valentine's Day! And... year round... right? ;) 
Saw this on FB... So hilarious!
Who's excited about TWO Vera Bradley stores coming to Nashville?!? Yup, this girl! A regular store coming to the Hill Center in Green Hills AND an outlet store coming to Opry Mills! Celebrations! Yes, I stopped in front of the sign to take a picture. #noshame
Delicious caramel milkshake the wonderful sisters made!
I did not take this picture... But I saw it and it made me laugh. Caption: "Every time I go to a Disney store..." Win? I think yes!
Lunch at Cheekwood! So much fun! I love you!
Look at my beautiful friend!
Battle at Shy's Hill 
Ok... Not our best picture haha... :) But I love her! It was a lovely day, (70s in February- what?!) so went on a hike! It was absolutely lovely :) 
Isn't she gorgeous?!
Beautiful sky!
Spring is coming! Pretty tree on the way to my LU class
So now that you have seen a zillion pictures... Maybe I should go hide in the basement we don't have...

Be safe!

Thankful that this King controls all!

"And the men marveled, saying, 'What sort of man is this, that even winds and sea obey him?'" Matthew 8:27



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  1. Lily, you are too cute and hilarious for words :)