Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hey friends!

~We lost electricity. Again. From Wednesday night till Friday morning. At least it wasn't out for as long as last time! (see here) We went to stay with Nana and Papa which was lovely!!

~The cicadas. Ohmyword. They are so loud. And they are everywhere. They have also invited themselves into the house. YUCK. They are so nasty and gross. Their red eyes are huge and evil-looking. And did I mention that they are loud?!

(was that a picture of my yard??)

~I LOVE SUMMER. It is the best. I have watched a bunch of movies, read, hung out with lots of wonderful people, been to Chickfila and Forever21 a lot... :)

~Last night I watched the Justin Bieber movie with some girlfriends. So awesome.

~On Wednesday swim team starts! I am so excited about coaching!

~I love the pool.

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