Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top 5 :: Apps

1. Facebook
2. Pandora
3. Words with Friends (free)- so fun! I have about 5 games with Mom going right now... one of them was Mom 480 Lily 150... very sad...
4. Bible (I prefer using my own but I love having quick access to many versions!)
5. FaceTime- I love being able to see Dad at work!
6. PluggedIn
7. Tumblr
8. Clock- my alarm :)
9. TuneIn Radio- can access any radio station in the world! The other day I listened to one in Kenya!
10. YouTube
11. Remote- because it's pretty hilarious to change the music on the comp... ~;-)
I also have a Julian Smith app, a Chickfila Locator, Shazaam, etc :)

What are your favorite apps?

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