Friday, April 8, 2011

Wednesday Love:: Belated:: Return of the Power

Today's Wednesday Lovin is POWER!!!!!!!

On Monday, Nashville had a really bad storm. At 2 pm we lost power, as did 70,000 NES customers. We go to McDonalds for dinner and spend several hours at the library. I charge my dead phone.

Tuesday still no power. The next morning the count was 43,000. Then 12,000. Then 8,900. Then it went back up. We decide to open the fridge. My precious friend Riley lets me come crash at her house to get wifi to send a paper. Then we go to Bible Study and Spanish 3 at Panera. Tuesday was One Day Without Shoes. So we must have looked like an interesting group- Bibles open on the table and barefoot! I feel weird telling people at the pool that we don't have power when it is gorgeous outside.

Count keeps changing. Wednesday STILL no power. House is 60 degrees. And dark. And very cold. Our neighbor gets in touch with a real person at NES! I wonder if I made NES cookies, would they fix our power? We have a soft ice cream party. That night we "abandon ship" and go to stay at Nana and Papa's! Yay for power at their house!

Thursday morning NES said they would come at 6:30. Our neighbor gets power at 1ish. We get power 2ish! HALLELUJAH!!! Now I can turn on a light switch and it actually works!!

"You never know what you got till it's gone." So true. Never take electricity for granted! We were so thankful to have a gas stove and hot water. ahhh so wonderful.

So, we have lights! Internet! A/C! Heat! Working fridge and freezer!

Some pictures from our adventure...

My work space during the day
Cara practicing pinanoh
My room!
Dad's got skills. He taped it to the mirror!

I was really impressed with Dad. He would practically whip glowsticks and batteries out of his pockets!

DELISH pan bread Mom made!
Oh look my work space at night.

What do we do when there's no electricity? Play with a disco ball and flashlight. :)

We are SO SO SO thankful to have our power back!!!

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