Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Deep Thoughts

In this day and age everything is about “how can I get everything faster.” How can I get to my destination faster (speeding, running red lights), how can I make my food faster (microwave, take out), how can I check my email faster (smart phones), etc. Am I saying this is bad? No, well, except for speeding and running red lights! :) Having progress and improvement in media and such comes with pros and cons. We are constantly rushing and on the go. I am reminded of this especially when out driving. A woman pulled out in front of someone (they weren’t super close) and the second person laid on her horn. Seriously?! It really bothers me when people can’t wait five seconds. People run red lights because they don’t have time to sit there for approximately 90 seconds. When someone is waiting to turn on a two lane road, people drive around them so they can get to their destination faster. We are spoiled and it bothers us when we are inconvenienced, even for the smallest amount of time. I confess I am oftentimes bothered by inconveniences!

I was looking in my baby book the other day and was pretty shocked to see a printed email! The email services were random, obscure services I have never even heard of. Today everyone has email!

I was recently having a conversation with someone about communication and how it has changed over the past decade. We were talking about how people used to just randomly drop by to hang out. Nowadays we don’t want our schedules interrupted or messed up. Instead of face-to-face communication we send a text, email, or message via Facebook. It’s faster and easier for us.

We are so often self absorbed in our own worlds. In elevators no one talks. So many people just want someone to talk to! The other week I paid our waitress a compliment and soon she had basically told us her life story. People want to share!

Having improved media and communication can be a good thing and a bad thing! Don’t lose communication with those around you! For school the other week we read the short story called “Bartleby the Scrivener.” Basically this guy loses communication and connection with people and then dies. He gives up on life from lack of relationships. We were made for relationships— with God and others!

Take some time to be patient when inconvenienced! Send a relative a note in the mail! Talk to the person behind you in the checkout line! When inconvenienced, thank the Lord for the blessings in your day!

Just some things to think on this evening… :)


(originally posted Monday on my Tumblr)

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