Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Verse of the Week- from Keith Beauchemin

Romans 1:7
"To all who are in Rome, beloved of God, called to be saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ."
How often do you meditate upon the reality that you are a saint? Paul commonly addressed Christians in the letters to various churches as saints. Even the believers in Corinth, with all the serious problems they had, Paul referred to as saints; not "sinners", but "saints."
Paul never addressed Christians as sinners. Paul taught about the great struggle Christians still have with sin in Romans 7, but our identity is no longer "sinners" but "saints." Paul recognizes that God has taken each believer and set him apart from sin and unto himself to be holy. The word saint means to be "set apart."
Yes, we still fall into sin. When we sin we need to quickly repent and seek forgiveness through Christ. But we shouldn't wallow in our sin. Rather, meditate upon this: "God has set me apart from sin and called me to be a holy one, living unto him." Think upon this startling truth, my brothers and sisters in Christ: you are the beloved of God, and called to be saints.

From Keith Beauchemin
Sent by Johnny Farese

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