Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Thousand Gifts :: Take Four :: Belated


64. Fun outings with my Mako girlies
65. Precious little children
66. Celebrating the birth of several fun friends
67. Having a crazy adventure with my dear Mumsie- including being lost for more than two hours, two road closings, possums, piranhas, deer, alligators, skunks, and no cell service (ok... maybe not piranhas and alligators... but everything else ~:-)
68. Grace and strength on rough days
69. Photo shoot with a super cute baby
70. God's everlasting and abounding love
71. My dear family
72. Enthusiastic swimming munchkins
73. Hot water :o)
74. Ice cream :o)
75. My awesome Bible Study
76. Sweet fellowship with my church family
77. Swim lessons in the deep end without any tears
78. An amazing woman I work with who encourages me and gives me great tips and advice- so thankful to have such a friend and co-coach!
79. My Mako coaches- they ROCK!
80. A warm house when it's cold and snowy
81. Warm and cute texting mittens my fabulous nana made

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