Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Day!

Today is my first snow day in a very long time! At first, I did not want a snow day since it would mean one less week of spring break. But I have had a change of heart and am excited to have a homework-free week! I am sad to not see my Whitver family today though! So my feelings about snow days= :( and :)

I updated several things on the blog! Check out the pages! There are now even some random fishies towards the bottom of the page. haha :)

I have very intense plans for this week. Play in the snow, read, watch North and South, play Wii, eat ice cream, take some pictures, hang out with friends, and if time permits, do a little history and homework ~:-)

Today is the State Swim Meet in Knoxville! GO MAKOS!!! Even though I won't physically be there, I will be there in spirit :o)

Sometimes I get weird bursts of energy. Like at swimming, for instance. And I kinda scare my lane... haha. Jenny: (dramatically) "Do you have any strength left?" Me: "not....much..." haha. We were the dedicated (*cough*) and crazy lane. ~:-)

Swim lessons are going well! The idea of going to the deep end has been pretty scary but we are conquering that fear! My munchkins are adorable!

Some recent pics!

I love these girlies!!

Pretty much describes us :o) Love you dear!!

Ahh, now off to watch North and South! Stay warm and be safe!

(Now I am going to copy Lindsey's cool way of signing off :)

Till the snow melts,


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