Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last day...

Hey friends!

Well I have to be fast since I still have some last minute studying... Please pray for my biology and spanish exams!

Today is the last day of my freshman year. Wow. I feel like we just started yesterday except at the same time I feel like we've been going for years! Today will definitely be bittersweet. I will really miss everyone at the Academy!!! :'( But, I am SO ready for summer! Now I can really throw myself into conference publicity!

This year I started out not very excited. I was sad to be leaving New Song and my NSCA friends. I was not exactly a happy camper. But, as I look back over these last 32+ weeks, I am SO thankful to be at Whitver! Everyone is so nice and it is like we are a big happy family. :o) I have loved my classes, my teachers, and friends. I am so thankful God put me at Whitver! I am looking forward to three more great years of high school at the Academy Tutorial. ~:-)

Love and blessings,

Lily :o)

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