Monday, May 10, 2010

Mom's Day, Julia's Birthday, and a Photo Shoot

Hey friends!

Julia is 14! She is such a joy and a blessing to our family! She is very creative and artistic, compassionate, a great cook, and lots of other wonderful things. :o)

Yesterday was also Mom's Day! Nana and Papa came for dinner at our house. We had rosemary potatoes, philo/puff pastry chicken with Boursin, salad, coconut cake, coconut ice cream, and some of the ice cream cake the Browns gave Julia. YUM!

I am so thankful for my dear mumsie, Nana, and Grandma! They are so wonderful and I am so very blessed!

Yesterday, thanks to Papa and Mr. Steve T, the church sang to Julia after lunch! So fun!
THREE MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!! I could practically cry with joy! hehe :o)

On Saturday we ate a a restaurant called Cantina Laredo in the Gulch- yum yum yum! It was FABULOUS! We also had really great service!

Yesterday we had a little photo shoot! We used the cute hats Emily and Cali made (hope y'all don't mind we borrowed them ~:-)

More pictures to come!


  1. How do you upload so many pics to your blog!! I'm using my mac, but it won't let me upload more than one!! :(

  2. :o( I click on the picture icon and then click "add another" until it adds as many as it can. (like 5) then i click on the "choose picture" or something like that and then upload those 5. after it finishes i do it again! i can show you sometime!
    thanks McKenzie!!

  3. I LOVVEEE those photos!! BEAUTIFUL! You have some picture talent there hon!

  4. awww thanks! well the ones i am in cara took :o)